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Why dōTERRA Pure & Potent Essential Oils?
   Nature supporting our overall health at a cellular level, we love this! Our experience suggests that whole-body wellness is best achieved when we balance our energy, eat right, exercise, limit stress & reduce our exposure to toxic load. Wellness is our key to living younger, longer through informed & proactive self-care.  
dōTERRA pure & potent essential oils continually help us realize this goal!

dōTERRA pure & potent essential oils... all plant sourcing is verified to be of exceptional grade, plants are grown in indigenous regions, with the purity of every batch extensively certified by independent third party testing. Only these certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, FREE of synthetics, adulterants, pesticides & herbicides are part of our daily wellness. We can be confident to use them aromatically, topically, & because their purity meets the FDA's supplement safety requirements, we also use many internally too!

Pure & potent essential oils are part of our daily wellness model, both here in our movement practice & in our homes.

Pilates Movement & Essential Oils?
We are passionate about empowering our community to attain whole-body health naturally. This is why we share
only dōTERRA pure & potent essential oils
, to further compliment & enhance our clients movement experiences.
Pure to the core & simple natural solutions!

   A pure source of Nature's medicinal healing power, often 70 times more concentrated than herbal remedies.  Essential oils are efficacious aromatic compounds obtained from plants, exactly as Nature intended.

Aroma is an exceptionally powerful physiological, mental & emotional stimuli. Diffusing dōTERRA pure & potent essential oils in our movement space, creates a place of focus, deeper mind-body connection, balance & tension release. The microbial cleansing properties of pure & potent essential oils support our healthy air quality & breath capacity.
Nature, supporting whole-body wellness at the cellular level... yes, please!

 Is it time to resource options for your Natural Wellness? 
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We also offer wholesale purchasing.

Purchasing with a Wholesale Account is by far the most popular, & it's so simple!

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