As of AUGUST 1, 2016, our mid-valley, Carmel studio location is permanently closed.
Thank you to our local community for an amazing 4+ years,
we have so appreciated serving all of you!

Private instruction continues to be available by appointment only. 
Ready to empower & nourish your best self?
form + function
the realization of our goal to make the whole-body movement benefits of Pilates & natural wellness more accessible to our local community.

Whole-Body Movement + Whole-Body Benefits
...Experience Synergy!

Your goals, whether to be stronger, leaner, more balanced, agile &/or to enjoy more pain-free time, are an investment in the Authentic YOU! Building from your center to= SUCCESS!

Feel the SYNERGY of your mind in HARMONY with your body's movement.
We feature premier Pilates equipment from industry leader Balanced Body,® & can further challenge your core fitness & cardiovascular stamina with the CoreAlign.®
form + function PILATES always personalizes your every experience!
Our motivation is driven by guiding our client's movement to achieve more daily living benefits...
  • Strengthened Core & Supple Spine
  • Balance, Flexibility & Coordination
  • Reduction In Restrictive Muscle Bulk & Fat Stores
  • Strong, Stable & Agile Shoulders & Hips
  • Toned, Long & Lean Whole-Body Muscle Development
  • Fluid, Whole-Body Movement 
  • Stress Reduction, Increased Motivation & Improved Mental Focus
  • Whole-Body & Mind Connection
The possibilities with Pilates are endless & it requires no prior fitness level to get started.
We provide our local community Pilates training specific to:
  • Golf, Tennis, Cycling, Water & Winter Sports, Equestrian Pursuits & Elite Athlete Training
  • Prenatal & Postnatal Movement With Our Certified Specialist
  • Corporate Needs for Building Productive Body Movement Patterns/Awareness, Enhancing
    Team Productivity & Reducing Absenteeism
  • Injury Prevention & Post-Injury Reconditioning 
Increase your zest for life with form + function PILATES.

Our instructors have all completed their Comprehensive Pilates Instructor training through Balanced Body® in Pilates principles from beginner through the super-advanced repertoire on mat, & all apparatus

They share a continuing commitment to deepening their knowledge of Pilates through advanced education, mentoring with senior & master instructors, & studying movement for special client populations.

Our Pre/Postnatal Specialist works specifically to support safe movement experience throughout all phases of pregnancy & postpartum recovery. 

Consider personalized instruction at your desired location to meet individual, group &/or corporate needs.  

EMPOWER YOUR BODY... Feel Stronger, Leaner & More Agile!

Get to know us & our commitment to your individual Pilates experience!

Carmel, CA

(925) 890-8051

  Instruction By Appointment

24 Hour Cancellation

Your Local Comprehensive Pilates Experience, Featuring Industry Leading  Equipment From Balanced Body.

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